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4 Transformational Experiences

Dr. Keisha B. provides four different transformational experiences. There are options for you to choose whatever format best fits you, your current needs, and specific specifications.


Dr. Keisha B. goes into depth on a variety of topics that will challenge, charge, and change you on MAX.

Leadership Development

Dr. Keisha B. provides information, skill development, and training that will take your leadership approach and team to the next level.

Ministry Assessments

Dr. Keisha B. assesses your current ministry practices and develops an in-depth course of action to assist your ministry in increasing its capacity.

Coaching & Consulting

Dr. Keisha B. provides information that will increase personal awareness and help you turn potential into purpose.

“Instead of focusing on your “messed up” beginning, decide to have a “maxed out” ending!”
- Dr. Keisha B!


“We cannot recommend Dr. Keisha B. Spivey highly enough. Her passion for spreading the gospel outside the church walls, her genuine compassion and interest in others, her hands-on approach to ministry and her strategic leadership skills make her an invaluable asset to any organization.”
– Pastors Ronald & Frances Thompson, Mt. Sinai Community Center
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