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Dr. Keisha B. is a committed change agent who educates, equips, and empowers people to increase capacity and maximize impact.


As a highly effective Keynote Speaker, Dr. Keisha B. provides thought-provoking and inspiring messages that lead people to overcome circumstances, transform lives and accelerate growth.

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Dr. KB Spivey Leadership Development

Leadership Development


Bringing excellence and insight into everything she does, Dr. Keisha B. provides rich leadership training to develop high-impact leaders. Leaders walk away educated, equipped, and empowered, ready to implement practices into work.

Ministry Assessments


Dr. Keisha B. assesses current methods before implementing an action plan to take your ministry beyond its’ current barriers to expand its’ borders.


Coaching & Consulting


Ready to live life on MAX? Need a coach that is mission-minded, accountable, and excellent? Look no further. Dr. Keisha B. will give you strategic tools and strategies to increase your capacity, maximize your impact, and achieve the results you desire.

Erik and Keisha Spivey


Searching for a place to put your hands to the plow? Pastors Eric and Dr. Keisha B. Spivey planted Awaken, a body of believers committed to taking the church beyond the four walls.


Live Life On MAX

You are the CEO of your life. It’s time to live on MAX.

Ministry On MAX

Learn how to take ministry beyond the walls.

Leadership On MAX

Equip leaders, eliminate excuses, expedite progress.

Masterclasses On MAX

Get Real about you, your goals, and your life.

Teaching Topics


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