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Live Life on MAX

  • The Authentic YOU

  • The Intentional YOU (goal setting & strategizing)

  • The Disciplined YOU (discipline & focus)

  • The Becoming YOU (from barriers to becoming)

Ministry on MAX

  • Building Bridges to Broken People

  • Becoming a Church Without Walls

  • Missions AND Ministry on MAX

  • Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset

Ministry on Max
Leadership on Max

Leadership on MAX

  • Equip leaders to build teams that expand capacity and maximize impact

  • Eliminate excuses that hinder people from living on max

  • Expedite progress from excitement to execution

  • Evaluate Goals and Measurable Objectives


Masterclasses on MAX

  • SOAR: Strategically Overcoming & Accessing Rewards

  • Get Real: Superwomen or Super mess

  • Be Intentional: From Barriers to Breakthrough

  • Ministry in Motion: Fulfilling the Great Commission

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