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Dr. Keisha B.’s keynotes are designed to challenge your mindset, charge your church, and catapult your leadership. She takes a real and raw approach of delivery, creating a thought-provoking atmosphere.

Whether speaking at a conference or a seminar, Dr. Keisha B. leaves behind an unforgettable experience that has a long-lasting impact on their mindset.


Leadership Development

Dive deep into an in-depth life changing leadership training.
Designed to provide high quality information and intense development opportunities, this training will supply exactly what you, your organization, or church needs to take leadership to the next level.

Leadership Development

Ministry Assessments

Want to take your ministry to the next level but don’t know how? Want to increase your reach or develop an effective ministry team? This is for you.

Dr. Keisha B. assesses your teams strengths/weaknesses, current practices and implements strategic methods to receive the desired results.

Ministry Assesment

Coaching & Consulting

Unlocking full potential and purpose gives you the keys to success. It’s time to get unstuck and begin soaring.

Experience one-on-one personal coaching, peer coaching, or group coaching that identifies current barriers and helps you strategically overcome them.

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