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About Dr. Keisha B.

"She is so connective and quickly builds a rapport in any room which creates a foundation for her to bring powerful and prophetic truths that are desperately needed in this season for our culture.”

– Amanda Hoggard

Benefits of Dr. Keisha B.


Why should you invest in Dr. Keisha B.? 


  • Dr. Keisha B’s speeches and trainings draw on her first-hand experience of working closely with coaching clients, pastors, and top leaders in various capacities.

  • Spending 30+ years with people coming from diverse backgrounds, races, and economic statuses has provided her with insight on what it takes to thrive on MAX.

  • Dr. Keisha B is well known for her hands-on, results-driven approach to wholistic transformation. She implements strategic tools and delivers straightforward methods to receive the desired results for anyone who is committed to do the work.




A graduate of Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity, Dr. Keisha B. holds a Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. Keisha’s additional roles include author, community pastor, certified life coach, and chaplain. She and her husband Eric are the founders of Ripple Effects Group, an organization committed to breaking generational cycles of desperation and hopelessness. They have offices in North Carolina and in Kenya, Africa.

Other Websites

Ripple Effects

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Ripple Effects offers you a rare experience of real church, real challenges, and real opportunities.

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A 52-Day Devotional to launch you into a journey of being led by “Just His Voice.” His voice is more than enough to help you navigate the unknown.

Get Real

Get Real is a conversation piece that encourages, charges, and empowers you to live a life that pleases God and positively impacts your sphere of influence.

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